To The Underappreciated Mechanic, Thank You

Alright, let’s rap. Mechanics, this one is for you. Mostly corporate mechanics, the ones that sold their souls to the chain shops. Coming from a former mediocre mechanic, I think there’s an elephant in every shop that we need to talk about. There’s one guy or gal in your shop that’s holding it all together, and you don’t even realize it. 

On a busy day, generally, all the skilled mechanics are taken up by two, three, maybe even four projects at a time. That still doesn’t account for the people that walk into a shop without calling that need an oil change done like an hour ago. Granted, that’s usually the advisor’s fault, as are most things that go bump in the shop. They get to sit in their fancy chairs, in the fancy A/C in the front. Even get them fancy shirts. “Hi, my name is Zack. Oh yea, we have time for a flat repair 5 minutes before close. No problem!”

No, I’m not salty at all. 

Back to the point, there are always one or two people in the shop that keep their heads down, do the oil changes and tires, or the ‘grunt work’, and they’re always the hardest worked and underappreciated. Especially if, as a tech, you work flat rate; these jobs can seem trivial and not worth your time. But it’s not easy, and these people get overlooked, more often than not. 

They do the tires. The lube jobs. They unload the shipment truck. They clean the floors. They come in first and leave last. They pull out the cars you don’t have time to pull around for you. It’s easy to overlook this, or even think it’s not that important if you do notice. But if they didn’t do it for a week, a month, three months? You would notice, it would cut into your productivity, and therefore your paycheck. It’s important to give them their dues.

All I’m saying is, thank your worker bees. We’re tired and running on caffeine, nicotine, and the full trembling anger of a Chihuahua. A little recognition goes a long way. Oh, and pay them better, of course. Looking at you Giant Corporate Automotive Repair and Tire Seller, Inc. You know who you are.

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