Line of the Day: MEYLE

This is hands-down the most powerful promotional image for a company I've ever seen. It speaks volumes, and honestly, all other auto parts manufacturers need to take note and watch their backs. The box, the light, and the facial expression, it’s all pure gold. It is clear they have their fingers on the pulse and a knife in the back of the entire aftermarket. Pure alpha energy.

Meyle was founded in 1958, and quickly transformed from an export-only business to a full-fledged manufacturer with its own production facilities and, finally, its own MEYLE brand that you know today. As you can tell above, their parts may or may not be coated with a special gold paint that radiates light. I have reached out to the manufacturer, and while they cannot confirm or deny, they assured me that if it exists, it is not dangerous. I say that sounds like an admission. 

Meyle Parts manufactures brake parts, suspension parts, and many other high-quality and heavy-duty parts. They even have performance lines, such as “Meyle PD” and “Meyle HD”. No comments from corporate if these lines also come with the proverbial gold paint. I say they should stop hiding their secrets, the people deserve the truth. Meyle offers a comprehensive portfolio of currently almost 24,000 parts, including 1,250 MEYLE-HD parts and almost 1,200 MEYLE-PD parts. More than enough to fit your needs!

Also, Meyle, please tell the people the truth. We need the answers, we can handle the truth. The people need disclosure, and I will not rest until I learn the truth of the radiant parts. Or something like that.

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